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Welcome to a Chaotic World.

The basic elements of the world are Light + Motion. From rainfall to rainbows, from volcanos to city streets, light [no matter whether man-made or sent from the heavens] in all its' various forms pulls us in while the motion changes the way it unveils itself to us.

In these two series presented side by side, you'll get to see images as you've never seen before, demanding that you dig deep, look longer and ultimately try to hold back provoking your inner curiosity.

These images will often contain the entire cityscape in a single image, while others distill down a singular moment. This creates the back and forth feeling of both ease and uneasiness.

Happy 4th of July weekend and welcome to our Rebel Art Show.


You cannot drive or park on The Strand. We recommend parking on Valley Dr, or in a city lot and walking down. You can also click here for Parkopedia or MB Parking Info