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Dear Friends...

I was born and raised in a small and very literal one-light town in the middle of the United States. More specifically in the state of Ohio. A place that was dreams away from Paris, New York and Singapore; cities that may as well have been movie sets in foreign and mystical lands. It’s probably not a big surprise then that I would fall in love with these places — these frenetic city centers, whose lights and energy is so palpable that even to this day I get excited to go somewhere around the globe to work and create art.


Where did this all start? Well, this crazy journey began with a single image in Amsterdam, Netherlands. With that initial series I began to photograph and study the buildings, landscape  and architecture in cities around the world. Layering complexity and cities on top of themselves. Adding famous and obscure structures into the movement. Although, before I get too deep and digress into the process, I invite you to read the artist statement.

This page is really about the journey, which like most artists, has not been easy. It’s the result of hundreds of thousands of miles in the air, long and complicated road trips, millions of steps while lugging hundreds of pounds of photography equipment, countless hours roasting in the sun, drenched in the freezing rain [looking at you Shanghai] and sometimes, actually often, after all that…coming up empty handed. These photographs sometimes take hours to make just one single exposure. So sometimes just a few per night or day is possible. But I’m human and while sometimes the inspiration and images come easily, other times I leave, having felt a huge sense of failure at the lack of triumph.

This artistic exploration of the world has stirred so many emotions while searching for my truth while defining my own distinct style and voice. Who is Jeremiah? What is his photography or artistic style? Throughout this though I’ve learned so much - about art, galleries, art critics [they outnumber artists], relationships and more importantly about the cities I’ve traveled - and myself.
This is why I am incredibly grateful and completely humbled by the people who have crossed my path over the years, but especially these last couple years. As an American artist in a foreign land, more than once I’ve met strangers who became close friends. For those that spent any time with me, shown me around, pointed out great architecture and obscurities, showed me love and generosity - shared their own artistic journey, brought me food, hot soup or drinks, whether on the side of a hill in San Francisco, in the winter rain in Shanghai or on the not-quite-quiet party streets of Las Vegas, I appreciate and love you all.
I would like to say a special thanks to those incredible people who have put their money where their mouth is. Clients and collectors of my art and photography. Those who have decorated the walls of their homes, apartments, lofts or condos with my photography in Abstract Visions or Motion + Chaos. Whether it’s a limited edition print or book or open edition face mounted onto acrylic, I’m grateful, fortunate and will try to continue to make photographs and art that you might enjoy. This really is the beginning and I can’t wait for you to see what’s next.
With love and respect to all of you,

(my friends simply call me J)