About the work

Mystery as muse and chaos alongside.


My work as an artist explores the perceived boundaries between the real and the imagined. I am constantly seeking new ways to view; to interpret the inanimate objects and the e[motions] we find in this world.


Buildings, monuments, entire cityscapes. What I have found, particularly in this body of work, is two fold; my need to be inclusive of the environment in totality and yet on the other hand to stay clear of it. In the first instance, by doing this, by capturing seemingly everything while at the same time finding moments that peak within the stillness. In the second it's discovering those objects that intrigue to find their singularity. It’s through this shattered dichotomy that I’m able to break down the so-called limits of traditional visual interpretation. 


The images I create are the product of innovative techniques, intense curiosity and adventurous spirit. They are one-time only events whose variables make them impossible to recreate. It’s a playful curiosity of light, repetition, movement and structure – the result being a look into time as it crosses past my lens. The intent is to showcase the moment, staying clear of visual noise and heavy post digital distortion. 


This body of work is about addition, but not in a manipulated sense. The work allows me to focus in-camera to bend, distort and rearrange the world around us – creating never before seen motion – out of that very same world. 


I consider myself a mixed-media artist and my techniques include photography, videography and in-camera collage, building up the scene one block at a time, though always with a singular exposure. To me, a photograph is a visual mystery. Images can shelter the truth or hide from it. They can distort, present or portray. More importantly, a powerful image can compel you to look for alternative perspectives. The intent of this body of art is to indeed provoke the viewer into idle speculation of the technique but also to take the viewer on an adventure revealing their emotional spirit and curiosity.


Chaos is a beastly burden, but it finds a center in the temperate beauty of detail. Ever-present clues. My work seeks to understand the foggy distance between chaos and mystery. 


Traversing the expanse unravels all pretense.  Clearing the field of expectation in order to see the familiar in a new way.